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Facing domestic assault charges can profoundly impact your life, affecting everything from personal relationships to public perception. At Bulwark Law, we understand the gravity of your situation. Led by Jeremy Newton, with extensive experience as a federal prosecutor and a criminal defence lawyer, we offer a unique, compassionate, and strategic approach to your defence.

Understanding Domestic Assault in Calgary

Domestic assault in Calgary includes any unwanted physical or psychological harm against a family member or partner. These charges can arise from misunderstandings or high-tension situations and carry significant legal consequences. Early and informed legal intervention is crucial to navigate these complexities effectively.

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Bulwark Laws Approach to Domestic Assault Cases

Bulwark Law is commitment to non-traditional resolutions—like mediation and counselling—to help address the underlying issues, aiming for outcomes that benefit all parties involved.

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“Believe it or not, they managed to pull off a complete exoneration – all charges dropped, no fine, no hit on my insurance!  Thanks, Bulwark for a great job!!!  Five stars!”