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In the landscape of Canadian criminal law, assault charges are met with stringent legal repercussions, with assault with a weapon being a particularly serious charge. This specific offence carries significant weight under the Criminal Code, delineating it from common assault due to the involvement of a weapon, thereby attracting a higher level of punishment. Bulwark Law stands at the forefront of defending the accused in these high-stakes situations, safeguarding your rights and liberties with unmatched legal expertise.

Defining Assault with a Weapon

The Criminal Code under Section 267 sets out the criteria for assault with a weapon, encompassing actions where an individual, during an assault, “carries, uses or threatens to use a weapon or an imitation thereof.” This classification broadens the scope of what constitutes an assault, equating the use of a weapon in an assault—regardless of physical harm—to assaults that inflict bodily harm without the use of a weapon.

The Criminal Code defines a weapon as “anything used, designed to be used or intended for use in causing death or injury to any person, or to threaten or intimidate any person.” Firearms, tasers and batons are obvious examples of weapons. Still, anything used as a weapon, that is, anything used in an attempt to cause injury to a person, can meet the definition of a “weapon” for a charge under this section. Courts have found that dogs, pencils, and jars of peanut butter can constitute weapons due to how they were used.

The implication of a weapon in an assault, including imitations that suggest the threat of force, considerably elevates the gravity of the charge. It is critical, therefore, to mount a vigorous defence to navigate these complex legal waters effectively.

Penalties and Consequences

Assault with a weapon is recognized as a “hybrid” offence, allowing for prosecution either as an indictable offence with a maximum penalty of ten years in prison or as a summary offence, potentially resulting in up to two years less a day of incarceration. The determination between these two paths heavily relies on the specifics of the incident, underscoring the value of experienced legal representation from Bulwark Law in minimizing potential penalties.

Beyond incarceration, convicted individuals may face additional penalties, including fines, weapons bans, and mandatory DNA submission, which underscore the critical importance of adept legal defence in such cases.

Navigating Aggravated Factors

Certain conditions, such as the domestic nature of the assault, association with criminal organizations, or involvement of prohibited firearms, can increase the severity of the allegation. Bulwark Law’s strategic approach focuses on minimizing these aggravating factors to protect your future, recognizing a conviction’s profound impact on employment, housing, child custody, and even immigration status for non-Canadian citizens.

Defensive Strategies

Bulwark Law meticulously examines the intricacies of each case, deploying a range of defensive strategies tailored to the specifics of the assault charge. Bulwark Law’s defence is comprehensive and robust, from challenging the presence or use of a weapon, disputing the application of force, advocating for self-defence, questioning the credibility of the complainant, and ensuring the protection of your constitutional rights.

Your First Step Towards Defence

The first step in confronting an assault with a weapon charge is consulting with the seasoned team at Bulwark Law. We offer confidential consultations to discuss the nuances of your case, preparing a thorough and tailored defence strategy aimed at preserving your freedom and your future.

For a no-obligation consultation and to begin crafting your defence with Bulwark Law, reach out today. Let our expertise be your bulwark against the charges you face.

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