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Land use law governs the location of residences, industrial and agricultural sites, and commercial enterprises within Alberta. Land use law affects all decisions to develop the land.

At Bulwark Law, our land use lawyers can rigorously defend you when facing compliance violations or stop work orders.

What is Land Use in Calgary?

Alberta has seen extraordinary growth, which required developing a comprehensive land use system throughout the province. In 2008, the Land-Use Framework was introduced to manage better the use of land and preservation of natural resources and to further the long-term economic, environmental, and social goals of Alberta. The Framework offers a blueprint for land-use management that encourages wise development with an eye toward the future and conservation of Alberta’s natural beauty, resources, and prosperity. The Framework contains goals and guidelines developed through an extensive process of community and expert involvement.

In addition to provincial land use, there are municipal codes as well. Calgary has developed its own land use bylaws. Airdrie has its own land use bylaws, too. These land use bylaws create zoning districts which include permitted, discretionary, and prohibited land uses within each zoning district. In addition, there are development standards that govern the manner of land development. Other land use bylaws govern density and lot size in subdivision applications. This land use regulation is intended to satisfy the current economic needs with an eye toward the future.

Land use regulation divides land into different categories:

  • Residential
  • Multi-residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Special purpose
  • Downtown districts
  • Mixed use
  • Direct control
  • Undesignated road right-of-way

What Are the Consequences of a Land Use Violation?

Delay and expense are the immediate consequences of any land use violation. The Alberta Land Stewardship Act of 2009 creates the administrative structures for land use decision-making, rulemaking, and enforcement throughout the province. The Land Use Secretariat has compliance and enforcement authority to investigate and review complaints.

Failure to comply with land use bylaws can result in fines, jail sentences, and, most importantly, stop work orders that can delay or even terminate your land development project.

How Can a Land Use Lawyer Help You?

Land use is governed on multiple levels—Provincial and municipal—requiring an understanding of how these land use policies and administrative requirements interact and are implemented in practice. The Calgary Land Use Bylaw is over 60 pages long and requires an expert to decode its provisions.

Whether you face a business or personal land-use offence, a swift resolution is always in your best interest. When facing administrative charges for land use offences, you need a land use lawyer who understands the regulatory scheme and all of the players, i.e., those municipal and provincial officials with the authority to enforce land use bylaws and punish any violation. The viability of a business, or the peaceful use of a residence, can be destroyed by delays in building and use of the property. You need your land use lawyer to find a solution that enables you to move forward with your project rapidly and cost-effectively.

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