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Building codes are an essential part of national and Provincial regulation of business and construction. These statutory schemes are regularly amended and modernized to conform to the evolution of construction techniques and a better understanding of energy conservation in the face of climate change. If you are confronted with building code violations within Alberta, Bulwark Law has a team of building code lawyers to advise and advocate on your behalf.

What is the Building Code?

Whether you are an owner, developer, contractor, subcontractor, designer, architect, engineer, or consultant, an essential part of planning any construction project in Alberta requires a full understanding of the building and energy codes and strict compliance with their applicable provisions. Notwithstanding all of that planning, various government authorities may still charge you with a violation. At Bulwark Law, we have the skills to defend you if you are charged with a violation.

The National Building Code, Alberta Edition, was issued in 2019. It covers the full range of components of safe construction, setting out standards for:

  • fire protection
  • structural design
  • environmental separation
  • heating, ventilating, and health
  • plumbing
  • safety measures at construction sites
  • climatic and seismic requirements
  • housing and small buildings
  • exterior acoustic insulation

To further the goal of energy efficiency, the National Energy Code of Canada was issued in 2017. Like the building code, the energy code sets out its safety goals and then prescribes regulations to further energy conservation through standards for:

    • building envelope
    • lighting
    • heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
  • service water
  • electrical power systems and motors
  • building energy performance compliance path

Both statutory schemes include compliance forms and enforcement provisions. These national codes are supplemented with provincial regulation through the Alberta Building Code, enacted in 1990.

These national and provincial regulations are complex and often evolving, so guidance from a knowledgeable building code lawyer will assist you in dealing with any violation that may arise in the course of your project. Consider Bulwark Law for effective, professional advice and fierce advocacy to get the job done.

What Are the Consequences of a Building Code Violation?

Delay and added expense are the immediate consequences of a building code violation, along with the possibility of hefty fines and even imprisonment. Some common building code violations include:

  • Building without a municipal permit that conforms to the land use intended
  • Building without necessary safety code inspections of electrical, gas, plumbing, and building
  • Knowingly submitting false or misleading information in securing permits, inspections, or permission to occupy

Fines can be levied as high as $100,000 per offence, with imprisonment of up to one year if found guilty.

How Can a Building Code Lawyer Help You?

If you are facing a building code violation, consider hiring Bulwark Law to defend you. Our construction and building code lawyers have the substantive knowledge, experience and skill necessary to negotiate with the agencies responsible for code enforcement. We will rigorously and professionally represent you to minimize delay and additional costs.

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