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Calgary Killer Still To Serve Six Months After Mid-Trial Plea Change

R v. Onischuk, 2023

In the middle of his trial, Michael Onischuk – a 35-year-old Calgary native charged with second-degree murder in connection to the death of Jessie Hanaghan (his 37- year old cousin), who was tragically shot back in October 2020 – has opted to plead guilty for manslaughter instead.

Man who tried to fight grizzly bear in Banff National Park fined $4,000

R v. Mitsuing, 2019 ABPC

“I think the judge said it best, when an individual creates this kind of dangerous situation with a bear, when they charge at him, when they throw rocks at him when they cause him to run into the bush, you are going to create an aggressive animal that obviously has the ability to do a lot of harm to humans and the public in general.”

R v. Le, R v. Nguyen, 2016 ABPC

Campers fined for messy campsites during wolf warning in Banff National Park

Thousands of dollars in national park fines were handed out to 12 people who pleaded guilty in a Canmore court Wednesday, September 28, 2016 — including several cases directly related to the troubled Bow Valley wolf pack in Banff National Park.

Calgary man fined $1,500 for weapon in Lake Louise campground, forfeits gun

R v. Ochitwa, 2019 ABPC

“The Lake Louise RCMP was dispatched to the location after the accused uttered threats to the neighbouring campsite occupants … they believed their generator was threatened.”

$2,500 fine for taking antlers from park

R v. Zidek, 2015 ABPC

A Canmore man has been fined $2,500 for trying to remove elk antlers from Banff National Park earlier this summer.

Three months jail for social trafficking

R v. Gouin, 2017 ABPC

A Canmore man will spend the next 90 days in jail after pleading guilty in Canmore Provincial Court to trafficking cocaine. Olivier Gouin made the guilty plea on Jan. 4 in front of Judge P.

Man who ran at the thought of jail time gets 3 years, 9 months for drug charges

R v. Sparkes, 2019 ABQB

A convicted meth dealer who ran out the front door of the courthouse before his July 2018 sentencing has received three years and nine months in prison for possession for purposes of trafficking.

Four people arrested in Airdrie drug bust

R v. Knapp, R v. Toth, 2018 ABQB

On June 17, members of the Airdrie Crime Reduction Unit along with Calgary RCMP, Calgary Police and the Calgary Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team obtained search warrants for homes in Airdrie and Calgary in connection with an ongoing drug investigation.

The search warrants were executed that afternoon and resulted in the arrest of four suspects and the seizure of over 200 grams of cocaine, Fentanyl, MDMA, Canadian cash and an assortment of drug paraphernalia.

Senior pot transporter handed 12-month jail term

R v. Brown, 2017 ABQB

Transporting more than 83 pounds of pot across the country for what he claimed was medicinal marijuana use has landed a B.C. man a one-year jail term.

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