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Criminal Defence

When facing criminal prosecution throughout Alberta, you want to hire lawyers with experience, up-to-date legal knowledge, and a reputation for fierce advocacy among judges, prosecutors and the police.


Assault is defined as the intention to apply force to someone else, directly or indirectly, without that person’s consent.

Murder & Manslaughter

The murder rate in Alberta has fluctuated over recent years, with 118 homicide victims in 2021, the last year’s statistics that are available.


In Canada, even those accused of the most serious offences are entitled to reasonable Bail.

Driving Offences

Driving in Canada is a privilege, requiring compliance with all of the rules of the road.

Financial Crime

Financial crimes are non-violent, economic crimes involving the taking of someone else’s property without a lawful basis and transforming that property for your own or another’s use.


A criminal record can haunt you for life, interfering with employment, finding a home, obtaining financing, and professional licencing. In addition, a criminal record can prevent travel abroad, especially to the United States.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault includes a broad category of offences, ranging from the less serious allegations of non-consensual kissing, caressing, and touching of genitals to the most serious, non-consensual intercourse.

Theft & Robbery

Theft is taking another’s a property without permission. Robbery is theft by force or threat of force.

Weapons Offences

The rate of violent crime has recently increased within Canada, although prosecutions for illegal possession and use of weapons have actually decreased.

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